Industry Targets

Industry Targets 2018-04-26T11:22:54+00:00

Listed below are a few of the advantages that companies in these sub-sectors will find in Columbus & Bartholomew County, Indiana:

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

  • Part of the “Indiana Pharmaceutical Triangle” which enhances access to suppliers, customers, research partners & more
  • 9,000 local workers (in Bartholomew County) with matching occupation strengths
  • High number of local STEM graduates each year from our area schools, colleges and universities
  • Centrally located for major regional and national markets

Research & Development and Engineering Services

  • Highest concentration of mechanical engineers in U.S. and three times the U.S. average for any type of engineering talent offers employers the “cream of the crop” in engineering talent
  • Indiana is home to two of nation’s “Top 10” Engineering Schools – Rose Hulman & Purdue University – giving employers nearby recruitment access
  • Existing R&D Centers offer additional synergistic benefits

Office Administrative Services

  • 5,000 local workers with matching occupation strengths
  • A large pool of highly educated “trailing-spouses” that are not currently in the workforce but are looking for opportunities within this sector
  • Favorable costs of doing business keep costs down while delivering a high-quality workforce to meet the needs of back office, shared service centers, and headquarters operations