At the Greater Columbus EDC 2019 Annual Meeting cybersecurity experts Christopher and Stephanie Domas delivered a joint keynote address about the offense and defense of cybersecurity.


Christopher Domas is a Senior Security Researcher for Intel Corporation.  Specializing in embedded systems reverse-engineering (RE) and vulnerability analysis, he finds ways to manipulate electronic devices to perform in unexpected ways.  Previously applying his research towards national security, he has worked to develop cyber technology that protects people on the newest front of global war, cyber warfare. 

Stephanie Domas is Vice President of Research & Development for MedSec, a cybersecurity research company formed exclusively to help the health care industry and medical device manufacturers address cybersecurity at all stages of a medical devices lifecycle.  Ms. Domas is a registered Professional Engineer (PE), a Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) and a frequent contributor and author on healthcare topics.