The Greater Columbus Economic Development Corporation’s logo very closely aligns with the popular Columbus, Indiana, “unexpected, unforgettable” brand, by using the official font and color scheme. Where the community brand has a cropped view of the Paul Rand inspired letter “c”, the Greater Columbus EDC logo features an uncropped “c” that is surrounded by open and overlapping arcs.

According to the logo’s designer, Todd Dickerson of TD Advertising, “The surrounding arcs help communicate the organization’s open, inclusive and growing work to serve all Bartholomew County while also giving a nod to our community’s engineering and technical prowess.”

The “unexpected, unforgettable” tagline captures the sentiments of most first time visitors to the greater Columbus, Indiana, area. For a small Midwestern city, visitors are often surprised to find such high levels of notable architecture, public art, and world-renowned design, all within a community that has one of the highest manufacturing concentrations in the U.S. For these reasons and more, Columbus, Indiana, is “unexpected, unforgettable.”