Who We Are:

The Greater Columbus Economic Development Corporation, formerly the “Columbus Economic Development Board” (EDB), is a non-profit organization founded in 1976. Our mission is to build a world-class community by enhancing the quality of life, economic opportunity and personal well-being of our citizens. Our strategic goal is to grow & attract well-paying, high value-added, community-minded base/primary businesses by influencing and leveraging the area’s distinct capabilities in advanced manufacturing, Science Technology Engineering & Math (STEM) education resources, and design.

What We Do:

The Greater Columbus EDC approach is three-fold:

(1) We work with existing primary employers to help them grow in Columbus and Bartholomew County

(2) We attract and recruit new companies to locate here

(3) We work with fellow community leaders to build upon and continuously improve our area’s desirability to businesses and residents.

How We Are Funded:

More than 70% of our support comes from local businesses who see the value of supporting the attraction and expansion of businesses in our community. The balance of funding comes from local units of government who benefit from increased tax revenue, job creation, and private investments.

The Results:

Companies recruited with EDC employ 7,000 persons locally, and those jobs support an additional 1,100 local jobs and generate a combined $282 million in annual household spending. These companies contribute to the local tax base (helping to keep everyone’s taxes lower), suppliers, service providers, & retail businesses benefit from increased spending.

Our Track Record:

More than 70 Recruited Companies, directly employing over 7,000 persons today

Supported 350+ Expansions of 110+ unique local companies

Total Initial Project Investments: $3.2 Billion