Analysis of U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics finds that the Columbus, Indiana metropolitan statistical area (MSA) has the highest concentration of employment in the U.S. within several key engineering and production occupations, including Industrial Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Industrial Production Managers, and other high-skill, high-demand occupations.  The city also ranks in the Top 3 in the U.S. for overall engineering occupation concentration and Top 10 for overall production worker concentration.  With 39% of all local employment tied to the manufacturing sector, the Columbus, IN (Bartholomew County) MSA also ranks highly for Industrial Engineering Technicians (#2), Machinists (#3), CNC Operators (#3), and various types of machine operators for metals and plastics.

See below for the list of Top 10 occupations, and visit here for comprehensive BLS wage and employment data for these and all other occupations employed in Columbus, Indiana.