Columbus Arts District

circle-large-archThe Columbus Arts District is one of only five official Indiana Cultural Districts in the state, recognizing our city’s rich collection of arts, entertainment and cultural offerings.  The district is found in downtown Columbus, and encompasses more than 360 arts programs and cultural assets.

For a look at some of our public art and local programs, visit the Columbus Area Arts Council.   The district is home to four corridors focused on attracting, growing, shaping and engaging the public. The Commerce Corridor is located primarily on Washington Street and spans 15 blocks north and south within the Arts District. The Arts and Education Corridor can be found along Jackson Street with major assets such as the Indiana University Center for Art+Design Columbus (IUCA+D), the YES Cinema independent movie theatre and the Jackson Contemporary Art Gallery.

Fifth Street is home to the Architecture Corridor and is recognized as one of the most architecturally significant streets in America. Fourth Street, which has received a major makeover to become an urban events and pedestrian plaza, features the Entertainment Corridor.


Speaking of entertainment, during warmer months, on any given weekend (or even Thursday night), you are likely to find a rock-and-roll or blues street festival, orchestral performance, or a free children’s concert somewhere in the Columbus area.  Our community is also home to two orchestras, the Columbus Indiana Philharmonic and the Columbus Symphony Orchestra, and the Columbus Children’s Choir is a cooperative effort of our Philharmonic and the Indianapolis Children’s Choir.