Strategic Goals

It is the strategic goal of the Greater Columbus Economic Development Corporation to grow and attract well-paying, high value-added, community minded base/primary businesses.  We accomplish this by supporting the expansion and recruitment of companies who fit this description, and in a more specific fashion, we seek companies who will most benefit from our community’s distinct capabilities in advanced manufacturing, unique STEM* education of our workforce (see “Workforce: Today & Tomorrow”), and our world-renown design strengths (including the engineering, tech, and R&D capabilities of our workforce).

The local workforce in Columbus and Bartholomew County, Indiana, is currently specialized in six manufacturing sub-sectors:

  1. Machinery/Engine (21.9 x U.S. Average Employment)
  2. Automotive/Transportation Equipment (8.5x)
  3. Paper Products (3.4x)
  4. Fabricated Metals (2.98x)
  5. Plastics (2.1x)
  6. Chemicals/Pharmaceuticals (1.25x)

The area has also experienced a 48% increase in Administrative & Support Services employment and a 45% increase in Scientific & Technical Services (R&D/Engineering) sectors over a five-year period (2010-14).

These emerging industries add diversity to our economic base, and we are actively pursuing Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, R&D/Engineering Technical Centers, and Office Administrative Services opportunities.