Availability & Cost – Overview:

If you only look at our county or MSA population, you’ll find that we have a population of just over 80,000 persons.  You might, therefore, be surprised to learn that our actual commuting region is home to 1.7 million people within approximately 35 miles (56 km) offering an active labor force of 884,000 persons!  Click here for detailed workforce and employment data.

Manufacturing/Production Workers:

With 37% of our local workforce tied to manufacturing (compared to 9% in the U.S.), Bartholomew County ranks in the top 2% of the U.S.   According to Indiana Career Connect (a service of the Indiana Department of Workforce Development), our commuting region employed more than 62,170 persons in production occupations in 2012 (more than 9,000 within our county alone), and at the end of the year, there were 2,586 active candidates seeking production jobs.

Average Wages:

Table 1 contains U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, OES median and mean average wage data for all major occupation codes for May 2013 (most recent available time period) for the Columbus, IN MSA, which covers Bartholomew County.  The original data is online at  The Bureau of Labor Statistics.

If you are seeking detailed wage data for specific occupations (such as Table 2, “Production Occupations”), please contact our office for a customized report.  If you participated in our most recent Wage & Benefit survey, please contact us for your complimentary copy of the summary report, and by the way, THANK YOU!!