COLUMBUS, Ind. (May 7, 2020) – Columbus has approved two tax abatements for Tulip Richardson Manufacturing, a Wisconsin-based company whose subsidiary, Richardson Molding, operates in the Woodside Industrial Complex.

As part of the agreement, the company plans to invest $2.7 million to install new manufacturing equipment at its facility at 2405 Norcross Drive, $250,000 to expand the Columbus facility and add 19 jobs this year with an average wage of $28 per hour, city officials said. Currently, the company employs 115 people locally.

“They’re actually bringing manufacturing down here that was previously done in Milwaukee, Wisconsin,” said Robin Hilber, assistant director of community development. “They feel like that this is going to be very successful and they’re going to be able to double the size (of the Columbus facility) the next few years.”

“We really look at (the Columbus expansion) as a gateway project for our company,” said Steve Dyer, president and COO of Richardson Molding, during the city council meeting. “This is really just phase one of a multi-phase plan which will, in my opinion, almost double the size of our facility in the next five years.”

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About Tulip Richardson Manufacturing:

In March of 2019, Richardson Molding, LLC (“Richardson”) and Tulip Molded Plastics Corporation (“Tulip”) announced the merger of these two highly regarded plastic injection molding companies. The new organization was named Tulip Richardson Manufacturing (“TRM”).

Richardson and Tulip, both leading manufacturers of proprietary and custom injection molding products serving the industrial lead-acid battery, automotive and consumer markets. Additionally, Tulip has a strong reputation as a manufacturer of lead terminals and reprocessed polypropylene. TRM headquartered in Milwaukee WI, has locations in Buffalo, NY, Columbus, IN, Indianapolis, IN, Niagara Falls, NY and Philadelphia, MS, with over 135 injection molding presses ranging from 10T to 1,500T. The locations of these facilities and complementary manufacturing capabilities allow TRM to drive operating efficiencies and provide superior customer service.

The merger has enabled TRM to leverage the strengths of each organization and add significant value as an integral part of its customers’ supply chains. Owner Resource Group LLC (“ORG”) and Saugatuck Capital Company (“Saugatuck”), the majority owners of TRM, will continue to invest in the business and will actively support management’s focus on product development, operational excellence and increased service levels across the organization.

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