elwood-staffingElwood Staffing Services, headquartered in Columbus, Indiana, is in the Top 10 Largest Industrial U.S. Staffing firm in 2018 with their services covering most of the United States. They were ranked the 16th largest U.S Staffing Firm in 2018 and the 46th Largest Global Staffing Firm in 2017. Its revenue today tops $975 million as the family-owned enterprise remains rooted in Columbus while its rise to national prominence is a noteworthy American success story.

Elwood Staffing was founded by Columbus resident David L. Elwood in 1980 as a pre-employment testing services company (then called “Elwood Consulting”). In 1993, the company expanded its portfolio to include a comprehensive array of pre-employment services, and the following year began offering temporary staffing services. By 1996 the company had become a $1 million firm, and in 2001, Elwood Staffing made its first in-state acquisition of a competitor. In 2006, the company acquired Alabama-based TRI Staffing, which also had offices in Nashville, TN.  Acquisitions of other successful companies around the U.S. continued almost annually, culminating most recently with the 2013 purchase of SOS Employment Group, based in Salt Lake City.  With the completion of that transaction, the company today employs nearly 1,000 internal staff persons in 170+ offices and an additional 50+ vendor-on-premise locations, operating in 33 states and extending into Alberta, Canada.  The company serves more than 6,000 clients and employs more than 27,000 temporary associates daily.

As the company grew, David’s sons, Mark (CEO), John (President), and Michael (President, Elwood Professional) joined the company in 1987, 1996, and 2004 respectively, and together have shepherded the company’s strategic growth alongside their father, who continues as Chairman of the Board.

“Columbus, Indiana, has provided us with a great community to both grow our business and our families,” says Mark Elwood, chief executive officer.  “It’s the type of town that promotes an enriching work/life balance – large enough to offer world-class amenities, and small enough to allow the opportunity to enjoy the sense of community that Columbus offers.”

From its headquarters in Columbus and its offices across North America, the company’s coast-to-coast footprint allows it to respond to the needs of large companies who may have national hiring requirements, while at the same time allowing it to meet the specific needs of companies, large and small, within their respective home markets.

“Our acquisition of SOS Employment Group combines the service capabilities, technologies, geographic reach and best practices of two successful companies,” says Elwood. Further, Elwood notes, “Infusing newly created corporate muscle and sophistication into our well-established cultures of entrepreneurship and innovation will make for a unique and very competitive staffing company business model. Our customers, temporary associates and staff members will all benefit.”

About Elwood Staffing
Elwood Staffing Services, Inc. offers light –industrial and administrative commercial staffing, large account workforce solutions, professional placements and more.  Headquartered in Columbus, Indiana, this award-winning company is poised to be a Top Ten U.S. commercial staffing company in 2013 and boasts more trained Certified Staffing Professionals™ (CSPs) than any other company in the world.  The company provides services from 170+ branches and 50+ vendor-on-premise centers and daily employs more than 27,000 temporary associates as it meets the needs of its clients.  The company’s 1,000 internal employees also benefit from a work environment that has been recognized as a “Best Company to Work for” in seven U.S. markets.  More information is available at www.ElwoodStaffing.com.