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Columbus, Indiana

Columbus, Indiana (pop. 51,268) is an unexpected, unforgettable city that endeavors to live up to its vision to be the best city of its size in America. Columbus, Indiana is purposefully large in community; giant in manufacturing; notable in art, architecture and design; and focused on being a welcoming place where people from all cultures come together in a small, friendly Midwestern city.  

Columbus-area residents are comfortably diverse, choosing first-name familiarity over the anonymity of metropolitan life. Home to a Fortune 200 company as well as 36+ internationally headquartered companies, our places of work are typically less than 20 minutes from our children’s schools, family parks, recreational trails, and the natural landscape of the two rivers that border town. (Although with over 900,000 people within our 45-minute labor shed, some do choose a longer commute!)  The Robert N. Stewart suspension bridge is a dynamic gateway to our downtown and a variety of cultural experiences in three major cities and three states — Indianapolis, Louisville, and Cincinnati — all within an easy 60-90 minute drive.  

Adding to the “unexpected” qualities of the city, a visitor might be surprised to learn that more than one in ten local residents hail from 40+ different countries. Among 11,000 public school students, some 1,300 speak 54 different languages. Our community strives to be inclusive and respectful of our differences to create equitable outcomes for all our residents.  

We are a powerhouse of innovative makers with one of the highest U.S. concentrations of industrial engineers, mechanical engineers, and related occupations. With close to 40 percent of our residents employed in manufacturing, Columbus ranks in the top 2% of U.S. manufacturing cities, with manufacturers focused on powerful technologies for the world’s future. That’s huge for small.  

Columbus, Indiana, is different by design, and we think you’ll find us unexpected, unforgettable. 

Did you know? Columbus, Indiana was named one of the top six modernist architectural cities in the nation by the American Institute of Architects. The city welcomes thousands of visitors each who tour the city’s iconic, midcentury architecture.

Edinburgh, Indiana 

Edinburgh, Indiana (pop. 4,400), is a charming town that offers an authentic small-town atmosphere with a rich history and easy access to big city amenities.  

Located at the northern edge of the Columbus, Indiana MSA, Edinburgh is just 30 minutes south of Indianapolis.  Settled in 1822, today the historic downtown is home to a variety of shops, restaurants, and other small businesses, making it a popular destination for locals and visitors alike.  

Edinburgh is also known for its outdoor recreation opportunities, including multiple parks, the Aquatics Center, and the popular Timbergate Golf Course, a Fuzzy Zoeller Signature Course.  Timbergate is also a master-planned residential community with home sites gracefully placed throughout the course and affordably priced from the low $300s.  

South of town is the very popular Indiana Premium Outlet Mall (known widely as the “Edinburgh Outlet Mall”).  Up to three million shoppers a year travel to I-65 Exit 76 to enjoy premium brand shopping, dining, and staying at area hotels.   

Edinburgh also proudly serves our nation’s military as home of Camp Atterbury, a federally owned 34,000 acre campus, licensed to and operated by the Indiana National Guard.  The site offers a variety of training ranges, live-fire venues, managed airspace with air-to-ground firing capabilities and an LVC simulation and exercise center.  The facility also offers a conference center, hiking, camping, and other activities for residents and visitors.  

Edinburgh, Indiana, is a small town with big charm.  Visit us today! 

Did you know? The small town of Edinburgh is actually located within three counties: Bartholomew County to the south, Johnson County to the north and Shelby County to the East.

Bartholomew County, Indiana

Bartholomew County, Indiana (pop. 83,540), comprises the entire Columbus, Indiana MSA, including the communities of Columbus, Edinburgh, and Hope, Indiana 

Founded in 1821, Bartholomew County is located in the south central part of the state with Columbus serving as the county seat. Covering 409 square miles, it lies mostly in the level areas surrounding the East Fork of the White River and its tributaries. The county is intersected by Interstate Highway 65 and U.S. Highway 31 which provide transportation for its commerce, along with one rail line that moves millions of tons of freight through the county annually. Agriculture, manufacturing, and tourism make up the majority of the county’s economy. 

Costs of living are lower than national averages, and among 35,700 housing units, 70.4% are owner-occupied.  US Census figures report a median home value of $172,900 (2017-2021) and median gross rents during the same period of $1,000/month. In 2023, active homes on the market had a median listing price of $259,900 trending up 6.1% year-over-year (realtor.com data).    

In support of economic development, Bartholomew County government established a Tax Increment Finance (TIF) area surrounding the county’s “Northern Gateway” at I-65 Exit 76, making available potential TIF and/or Tax Abatement incentives to qualifying projects.  In 2022, the County partnered with the City of Columbus to support a county-wide Gig-speed Broadband Initiative, further serving the needs of businesses and residents alike.  

Did you know? With its largest city, Columbus, having a very popular name found across the U.S.A., among 3,142 counties in the nation, Bartholomew County, Indiana, is the one and only so named county in the entire country.

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